About Randy

   Ad. Verse. Adverse?

I am both an independent professional advertising writer and a poet. If you are interested in the former,  you can find me at linkedin.com/in/wordnut. Scroll to the bottom and click on “View Randy’s full profile.” If you like poetry, I welcome you to my humble poetry site. It is really just a record of my small victories in poetry writing and publishing and perhaps some links to items of interest.

I write in Memphis where I earned an MA in creative writing from the University of Memphis. My recent work has appeared in Clackamas Literary Review, Grey Sparrow, Tidal Basin Review, Barely South Review and Avatar Review. One of my poems appears in the Tennessee Volume of the Southern Poetry Anthology. And I have a poem forthcoming in The Heartland Review.

You may think poetry and marketing incompatible. But I am proof that they can cohabit the same brain and even the same soul. I use exactly the same 26 letters for both. Perhaps, some day, my commercial experience will inform my poetry, Fearing-style. But as of now, they are very separate endeavors. In my poetry, I hope  to transcend one idea for another, to pursue the sublime, to start in one place and end up some place else.

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