Success! My flagship “taxidermist poem” has been accepted.

My narrative about a taxidermist, his son, and the shack where the taxidermist worked can be traced all the way back to my college days (decades ago). It has changed shape over the years, from short story to poem to prose poem, back to short story to poem and finally to a series of poems. Today it is three poems. Two were published several years ago by the Tidal Basin Review (you can find links to those just a few posts back (such is my slow rise to poetry stardom). My latest  is actually a “prequel” to the other two and is much longer and more involved. It stands on it’s own (something I worked hard on). And now, the Clackamas Literary Review has accepted it for publication in its next issue. And I will let you know when it has been published. Part of me feels relieved that I can finally move on. Another part of me wonders is there more to the story?

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