Selected Writings


The Skinny Poetry Journal: “Memphis Statuary, 2017” (Nov. 2022)

The Heartland Review: “Emplacement” ( Fall 2017)

Clackamas Literary Review : “The Taxidermist’s Son” (Spring 2016)

Tidal Basin Review : “State Park” and “The Peeper” (Winter 2015)

Grey Sparrow Journal: “Carriage Return” (Winter 2013)

Tidal Basin Review : “Leaving Us,”  “Taxidermist’s Wake,” and Taxidermist’s Shack” (Summer 2011)

Barely South Review: “Disappointment at Shiloh,” a short story (Spring 2011)

Sierra:  “Explore: The Current River,” an essay (2010)

Avatar Review“Man with Pipe,” “Fishes out of Water,” “Permanence and Loss” (Summer 2009)


The Southern Poetry Anthology Vol VI: Tennessee: “Leaving Us” (Texas Review Press, 2012).

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